Nickel Boron Coating

Nickel Boron Coating Properties

The presence of boron particles helps reduce friction between the coated surface and interacting materials. This can lead to improved lubricity and reduced energy consumption in applications involving sliding or rotating components.


Nickel itself offers good corrosion resistance, and the addition of boron further enhances the coating's resistance to oxidation and corrosion. This makes nickel boron coatings suitable for environments with exposure to moisture, chemicals, or corrosive substances.


The incorporation of boron particles into the nickel matrix significantly increases the hardness of the coating. It provides excellent resistance to wear, abrasion, and surface fatigue.


Nickel boron coatings can offer good solderability, allowing for easy solder attachment of electronic components or joining of coated surfaces.


Electroless nickel plating, including nickel boron coatings, provides excellent coverage and uniformity over complex shapes and surfaces. It can coat internal cavities, threads, and intricate geometries evenly, ensuring consistent properties throughout the coated component.

Nickel Boron Coating Applications

Nickel boron coatings find applications in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, firearms, and oil and gas, where improved wear resistance, reduced friction, and corrosion protection are desirable.


At Diffuson Coatech LLP we process components as per AMS2399 and AMS2433, Electroless nickel boron coating can be produced on a variety of alloys including high strength low alloys steel, titanium alloys, Stainless steel, etc.

Diffuson Coatech LLP process several components for valves, jet engine, power transmission, tooling etc. We are an Aerospace QMS (AS9100) and ISO-certified company, and our production & process control equipment is calibrated as per aerospace/AMS standards and found to be in line with the finest North American manufacturing companies.

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