Thermal Diffusion
Aluminizing Properties

Aluminizing improves the high-temperature stability of the metal surface. The formed aluminum compounds, such as intermetallic compounds, have good stability and maintain their integrity even under elevated temperature conditions. This makes aluminizing beneficial for applications involving high-temperature environments, where the metal needs protection from heat-related degradation.


The aluminum compounds formed during aluminizing provide excellent resistance against oxidation. Aluminum has a strong affinity for oxygen, and the aluminum oxide layer that forms on the surface acts as a protective barrier against further oxidation. This makes aluminizing suitable for applications where components are exposed to high-temperature oxidizing environments.


The aluminum-rich compounds formed during aluminizing enhance the corrosion resistance of the metal surface. They create a barrier against corrosive agents, preventing the penetration of moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive substances that could lead to the degradation of the underlying metal.


The diffusion-based nature of aluminizing ensures good adhesion of the aluminum layer to the substrate metal. This results in a strong bond and durable coating, reducing the risk of delamination or spalling.


Aluminum is known for its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. Aluminizing preserves these properties, making it suitable for applications where conductivity is important, such as electrical contacts or heat transfer components.

Aluminizing Applications

Aluminizing is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, power generation, and chemical processing, where components are exposed to high temperatures, oxidation, and corrosive environments.

Why Diffuson?

At Diffuson Coatech LLP we diffusion aluminize nickel super alloy components for application in high temperature oxidative environments. Diffusion aluminizing process not only increases the high temperature oxidation resistance of Inconel super alloys, but also increases the surface hardness of these alloys up to 1000 HV and increase the wear resistance also.

Diffuson Coatech LLP process several components for valves, jet engine, power transmission, tooling etc. We are an Aerospace QMS (AS9100) and ISO-certified company, and our production & process control equipment is calibrated as per aerospace/AMS standards and found to be in line with the finest North American manufacturing companies.

Contact us for your Aluminizing requirements. Our technical team would support your needs and requirements.

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