Thermal Diffusion

Boronizing, also known as boriding, is a surface hardening process used to enhance the hardness and wear resistance of metal surfaces. It involves the diffusion of boron atoms into the surface layer of a metal substrate, forming a hard boride compound. Boronizing can be produced on a variety of alloys including the humble mild steel to super alloys of nickel and cobalt. The hardness and boride layer thickness mostly depends on the chemical composition of the base metal.

Boronizing Advantages
  • The formed boride compounds have significantly higher hardness and wear resistance compared to the base metal.
  • They can provide improved surface properties such as increased hardness, reduced friction, enhanced corrosion resistance, and resistance to abrasive wear.
Boronizing Applications

Boronizing is commonly used in applications where surface hardness and wear resistance are critical, such as cutting tools, dies, gears, oil well components and engine components.

Why Diffuson?

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