Thermal Diffusion
Chromizing Properties

The formation of chromium carbides or nitrides through chromizing significantly improves the wear resistance of the metal surface. These compounds are hard and provide a protective barrier against abrasive wear and surface damage.


The chromium-rich compounds formed during chromizing create a corrosion-resistant layer on the metal surface. Chromium has excellent corrosion resistance, and the presence of chromium compounds can inhibit the penetration of corrosive agents and protect the underlying metal from degradation.


Chromizing also enhances the oxidation resistance of the metal surface. The chromium compounds formed act as a barrier against oxygen, preventing oxidation and the formation of oxide scales.


Chromized surfaces can exhibit improved stability at high temperatures. The chromium compounds formed have high melting points and maintain their integrity even under elevated temperature conditions, making chromizing suitable for applications involving high-temperature environments.


Chromizing can increase the surface hardness of the metal component, providing resistance against wear and deformation.

Chromizing Applications

Chromizing is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, and power generation, where components are exposed to harsh operating conditions, high temperatures, and corrosive environments. The specific properties of chromizing layer depends on the chemical composition of the base metal. Typically, alloys with higher carbon content tends to provide enhanced wear resistance at the cost of corrosion resistance. Irrespective of the base material composition, chromized components typically provide enhanced corrosion and wear resistance compared to bare material.

Why Diffuson?

At Diffuson Coatech LLP we chromize nickel super alloy components for application in high temperature oxidative environments with high speed abrasives. Through systematic evaluation we conclude that chromized components survive up to 250% longer than bare Inconel components.

Diffuson Coatech LLP process several components for valves, jet engine, power transmission, tooling etc. We are an Aerospace QMS (AS9100) and ISO-certified company, and our production & process control equipment is calibrated as per aerospace/AMS standards and found to be in line with the finest North American manufacturing companies.

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