To empower the products of our customers with a wide range of high-value engineering solution in the field of surface engineering to drive business success and stay ahead.
To be the authority in providing high-quality solutions in surface engineering with the integration of innovative technology and scientific research to meet the expectations of National and Global industries.
Diffuson Coatech LLP is set to meet every requirement of the customer through continuous improvement of its quality management systems. Diffuson Coatech LLP (DC) is committed to the quality of customer’s products by adopting groundbreaking innovative management systems. Diffuson Coatech through its visionary leadership is set to standardize the quality advancement in surface engineering to add value to our customers’ products today, tomorrow and through continuous increment in quality and performance.
Sincere and strenuous efforts are always underway to raise up to the expectation of the customer, both in terms of technology development and affordable pricing of various processes offered and services rendered.
  • To enhance the durability of our customers' products by enhancing the tribological properties, zero-defect manufacturing and empowering our customers with the latest technology and international standards.
  • To achieve 100% customer satisfaction by means of consistent-quality, on-time delivery and empowering employees through training.
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